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Dilschmann complaints board rules on ban against Vuvuzelas

Posted on | June 15, 2010 | No Comments

After complaints have been raised within the inner market of Dilschmann.com the Dilschmann complaints board has ruled on a ban for Vuvuzelas on all proprietary Dilschmann sites. The ban is to take immediate effect and a spokesperson from Dilschmann.com said in a statement today: -“After having endured the awful nuiscance of the ice cream home delivery truck at late hours, the horn of Gondor sounding Vuvuzelas did certainly not bring anything positive to the critical process of putting small Dilschmaniacs to sleep”.

How this ban is to be enforced remains to be decided upon, and on this topic the Dilschmann.com spokesperson continues: -“The sanctions successfully introduced against ice cream trucks cannot be easily applied to the Vuvuzelas as the geographical distance makes it ballistically impossible to produce a good enough accurate direct hit rate with fresh fruit. We do however feel confident about identifying effective measures in the near future, and have not yet ruled out the possibility to target TV remote controls currently operated by other licensed members of the household.”

The latter threat, if put into practice, would of course render huge protest storms within the inner market. For now we can just note that the bill is passed and that the ban is now effectively in place.


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